Kevin B. Anderson

Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

[Los Angeles] Democratic Alternatives to Capitalism: Marx’s Writings on Exiting Capitalism, Part 1

Date: Sunday, January 30, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM
Venue: Community Room B, Westside Pavilion (Community Room B is on west side of the mall, third floor, near Landmark Theater)

A discussion of Marx on the Paris Commune of 1871, an experiment in socialist freedom in which both capital and the state were challenged in what he called “the political form at last discovered under which to work out the economical emancipation of labor.”

Suggested reading: “The Paris Commune,” from Marx’s Civil War in France

Sponsored by West Coast Marxist-Humanists


Address: Westside Pavilion is at Pico & Westwood Boulevards, Los Angeles.
Parking: Free parking in mall lot.

Kevin Anderson teaches in the Department of Sociology at University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the author of Foucault and the Iranian Revolution (2005, coauthored with Janet Afary) and most recently, Marx at the Margins: Nationalism, Ethnicity and Non-Western Societies (2010), both with University of Chicago Press.