Kevin B. Anderson

Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

[Los Angeles] Will the Arab revolutions continue to advance, or will they succumb to internal contradictions and imperialist entanglement?

Date: Sunday, January 27, 2013
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Venue: Peace Center, 8124 West Third Street, Los Angeles



  • Kevin Anderson, author of Marx at the Margins and coauthor of Foucault and the Iranian Revolution
  •  Greg Burris, radical film critic, author of “Lawrence of E-rabia: Facebook and the New Arab Revolt,” Jadaliyya, Oct. 7, 2011
  •  Mansoor M., Iranian musician and cultural worker

In the winter of 2012-13, the Arab revolutions are persisting in the face of repression, economic crisis, and deep internal contradictions, even as war clouds continue to grow over the region.  The speakers will give an overview, addressing the following nodal points.

  •  In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to ram its reactionary constitution down the throats of the people was met with massive protests from leftists, feminists, and liberals, in the greatest street mobilizations since the 2011 revolution.
  • In Syria, the ongoing civil war is entering its endgame, with the revolutionary movement beset not only by the barbaric repression of the Assad regime, but also by the twin dangers of Islamist conservatism and imperialist entanglement. At the same time, some on the international left continue to lean toward the Assad regime in the name of “anti-imperialism.”
  • In Israel/Palestine, the Netanyahu government is bent on a warlike response to the Palestinian drive for self-emancipation – as in its brutal attack on and blockade of Gaza – which has served only to strengthen Islamist groups like Hamas.
  • In Iran, the threat of attack from Israel and the U.S. continues, at a time when the reactionary regime faces not only the memory of the mass democratic movement of 2009, but also the imminent demise of its Syrian ally.



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